Fairway Training has been and remains a market leader in delivering NHS Pension Scheme Training. In addition a number of varied services are available, ranging from our most comprehensive Payroll and Pensions service package, through to individual tailored consultancy.

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No access to Pensions Online?

The Pension Administration service could be what you are looking for. With access to Pensions Online via our current N3 NHSnet connection, we offer a comprehensive Pension Administration service to organisations such as Hospices, Direction Bodies etc.

This service is the next step up from the Support service and Fairway Training is able to provide you with a ready-made solution. You continue to produce your payroll each month but we will take the hassle out of NHS Pension Scheme Administration.

This Pension Administration service is no longer available to GP Practices due to Pensions Online connectivity being available to these organisations. The service is therefore being phased out for current GP Practices and we are offering these clients exclusive access to the full Payroll and Pensions Service as a comprehensive and suitable alternative.

Please see the Support Service tab for further options.

Why outsource pension administration

There is no need to be the "expert". You can rely on the experience and knowledge of the Fairway Training staff who have had years of valuable NHS Pension Scheme administration skills and service.

It gives the employer confidence that the administration is being handled correctly.

It is an extremely cost effective method of pensions administration.

All Information

All areas of administration will be dealt with using Pensions Online (POL) where necessary. These include:

  • Annual SD55 employee cyclic update
  • SS10(GP) completion for new starters
  • Closures of SD55S when appropriate
  • Calculation of Total Pensionable Pay for Awards and Estimates of benefits
  • Processing AW8 forms for retirements
  • Processing Ill Health retirement applications
  • Completion of documentation in the case of an employee's death
  • Ensuring compliance on re-employment regulations
  • Added Years, Additional Pension and ERRBO purchases
  • Refunds of contributions
  • Opting out procedures and compliance
  • Provision of estimates of benefits for staff
  • General guidance and assistance to staff
  • Dealing with correspondence from the NHS Business Services Division

As the Pension Scheme evolves, the administration service will take full account of, and incorporate, all changes required by the NHS Business Services Division. In addition to the above, the Practice will still have access to the unique support service operated by Fairway Training and will still receive Pensions in Practice newsletters.


How does the service operate


At the commencement of the contract, a Pension Consultant from Fairway Training will visit/liaise with the Practice to review the current situation and guide the Practice Manager through the service, explaining documentation, requirements etc.

If a personal visit to the Practice is required or necessary, there is a one-off set standard fee for this element of the Administration service which is in addition to the ongoing annual charge.

Information is required for each member of staff employed at the practice. The data provision can vary from Practice to Practice dependent upon what current payroll software is used. Once the Pension Consultant has obtained all the necessary information, Fairway Training will then create an account for the Practice and an account manager will be nominated as your link person with Fairway Training.



Each quarter (June, September, December & March) pension reports (usually a payroll print) should be forwarded to Fairway Training to enable your pension records to be 'audited' throughout the year. The report should include:

  • Details of hours paid
  • Employees and Employers contributions
  • Added Years / Additional Pension contributions / ERRBO
  • Pensionable Pay Information

Practices are still required to complete form GP1 and a copy would be sent to Fairway Training. It is important that Practices report on a regular basis to staffing such as New Employees and Leavers.

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