About Us

Mission Statement

To deliver a market leading NHS pensions and payroll service.

Mission Statement

To achieve the mission statement, Fairway Training recognises that there are three groups of people who are important to the business. They are:

Our Clients | Our Employees | The Poor and Marginalised

Our core values are

In all aspects of business and at all times to act with integrity, honesty and transparency, without compromise.

Our core values are

To work in partnership with our clients to contribute to society demonstrating social responsibility and philanthropic principles.

Our core values are

To value our clients as if they were employees of Fairway Training.


Our clients are our most valuable asset and when dealing with clients Fairway Training will always be:

Professional | Honest | Courteous | Polite | Respectful | Fair


The employees of Fairway Training are the most valuable resource. The company is a family orientated business with flexible working hours and excellent working conditions. It is committed to providing the best possible work environment and encourages professional and personal development. Employees are:

Valued | Treated with Respect | Appreciated | An outstanding asset to our company

Poor and Marginalised

The ethos and ethics of Fairway Training dictate that part of the profits of the company are used to bring relief to those who find themselves in less fortunate positions than ourselves.

We therefore place a great deal of emphasis on Philanthropy and are committed to the principle of Philanthropic work. Fairway Training will partner with organisations that embrace the same ethos as Fairway Training and which aim to improve the quality of life for the poor and marginalised in society.

By placing your business with Fairway Training you are partnering with us and enabling this to happen.


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